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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  November 29, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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right here: right now community activists are out trying to track down some of the people who were recorded on surveillance camera here as the shooting happened. when the first shot sent people scrambling for cover, it was just the beginning of an all out gun battle. a surveillance camera captured two of the shooters. just after 6:00, you can see flashes of gunfire in the darkness. >> it appears there was a local wrap artist or a few local rap artists who had just concluded filming a video. >> reporter: seven people including the 1-year-old son of one of those artists was hit. rap artist, cousin of kafani insists he was not there. >> one of my promo people just drives around and promotes my music. i don't even be in the van. nobody ever see me in the van. >> reporter: we have to get in the way of the violence. >> reporter: on the scene we see members of the outreach
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team who say they're hoping to prevent more violence. >> going to the victims, and trying to make sure that they don't retaliate. and if we can maybe, run into the other people and ask them to back up if we can. >> reporter: police say they are also trying to reach some of the people in this video to sort out the suspects from the victims. >> reporter: police have even set up a hot line just for this case. it is 510-773-2805. and it can also accept text messages. now three people including that little boy are still in critical condition tonight. in the last 30 minutes we've seen a little bit of encouraging information. let's go live now to ken pritchett with that news. >> reporter: i talked to the uncle of lawrence. and the uncle told me that while the boy remains in a coma that the child was able to squeeze his hands around his father's finger. a small sign of hope for this
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family. that same uncle says that the child was in his father's arms at the time of the shooting. and that a bullet passed through the father and into the son. this is a new photo of lawrence provided to us by his family. hyrum is just weeks shy of his second birthday. his family is praying for his recovery but doctors have said little beyond that the child is in critical condition. >> they're not saying nothing, he's in a coma. there's nothing to say, just wait. >> reporter: the family has no idea what led to the shooting last night. on surveillance video you can see the child in his father's arm, today the father could be seen with a bandage on his hand, the same hand he was using to cradle hyrum's head when the shots rang out. hyrum's father is physically fine, it is the child everyone is focused on. they are still waiting for news of improvement. >> everybody is just praying. he's got like the biggest
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support system. just, keeping hope alive, he's going to make it. >> reporter: that same uncle says that in additional to the father and the son that there are other family members among the remaining victims. but he would not elaborate beyond that. in oakland, ken pritchett. our coverage continues on our website just look under today's hot topics on our home page. happening right now, we want to show you a live picture from justin herman plaza in san francisco where occupy protesters are about to take a vote on whether to move to a shuttered school campus. ktvu has learned a permit was issued late today allowing the protesters to move their encampment to the mission district. we don't know yet what will happen if the protesters refuse to move. ken wayne is monitoring the situation and will keep us posted as this story develops.
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tension once again over a reoccupation effort at frank ogawa plaza. i want to show you live pictures where a massive tent city was just torn down two weeks ago. what you're looking at now is what you might call the new occupy oakland site down there. there's an information postthat has been set up. things got heated earlier when police knocked down the tepee you're looking at there put up by occupiers to symbolize the occupation. still some say there shouldn't be a limit at all on their public display. >> expression does not have a curfew. apparently the mayor and city don't know that. so we're going to reserve the right to challenge the curfew. >> back out live, the information set up, where folks can find out what are the plans in the coming weeks.
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city officials say they plan to enforce the permit tonight at 10:00. uc berkeley and law enforcement officers face a retirement lawsuit tonight on the way the campus police retaliated to the crowd. the group known by any means necessary filed the lawsuit. the october sráeuss say the -- the activists say the police used excessive force during a peaceful protest. the university says it has not seen the lawsuit. the main postoffice in san jose was locked down for four hours because of a bomb scare. it all started shortly in the afternoon. a man wearing a mask stuffed a big package into a collection box and then walked away. a bomb squad robot retrieved the package and police blew it open with a water cannon. authorities just reopened the area before 5:00 tonight. we spoke with san jose police a few moments ago and they tell us the package turned out to be
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harmless. new surveillance video shows what happened when gunfire rang out outside a wal- mart store on black friday. rob roth is live now in san leandro with the images of the second suspect police are now looking for, rob. >> reporter: julie we're in the wal-mart parking lot where the black friday shooting occurred. now san leandro police released surveillance video taken by that surveillance cameras before and after the victim was shot. >> if somebody does see him, please notify your local authorities, 911, but he is considered armed and dangerous. we do not want anyone to approach him. >> reporter: it happened just before 2:00 a.m. in the early hours of black friday. while it's hard to see exactly what happened from this store surveillance video, police say watson and three other people are in this buick rivi era.
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they drive to where they see three men all cousins walking to their car after leaving wal- mart. police say two men get out of the buick and approach the shoppers demanding money and the necklace. >> perceptions are different on what was said. it amounted to, hand over your property or we will shoot you. >> reporter: for some reason the two victims begin fighting with two of the assailants. then barillo falls to the ground shot in the neck police say by watson. >> you see how he drops and falls right here. you don't see the gunshot. >> reporter: barillo's cousins hold down the other assailant tony phillips until police arrive. >> this is tony phillips with the victims holding him down and fighting him. >> reporter: phillips was arraigned today with attempted homicide. >> he's a good kid. my condolences go out to the family of the victim and i just hope things work out for the
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best for both of the family members. >> reporter: police say christopher murillo was released from the hospital and is going to recover. they said he had gone to wal- mart to look for a video game. reporting live from san leandro, rob roth. the man accused of shooting and killing vallejo police officer james kapoot pleaded not guilty today to murder charg ings -- charges. police say smith robbed a bank and was running the áf from police. he could be sentenced to death if convicted. vallejo police gathered this afternoon for a private memorial to honor the slain officer. officer kapoot knew many of the
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student there is as coach of the girl's basketball team. the memorial is set to begin at 11:00 tomorrow morning. the woman accused of burglarizing the hotel room of -- is due in court on february 7th. moyer's trial is set to start february 16th. an exclusive field poll shows mitt romney and newt gingrich are now head to head among republican voters. 26% of republican voters favor romney. while 23% favor gingrich. gingrich leads romney by a 28- 18% margin within tea party republicans. 47% said they were some what satisfied.
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herman cain may be reconsidering his bid for presidency. he announced today he is reconsidering his campaign. a woman from georgia went public yesterday with claims that she had a long running affair with cain. cain says they were just friends. caltrans has reached a milestone, crews broke through rock and soil today to connect the two sides of the tunnel. you can see the crack it's near the middle of your screen. now the bore is 3,400 feet long. work began on the contra costa side 16 months ago and work started last march on the oakland side. today's work puts them on track to open the tunnel in march. the $400 million project is being funded in park by measure j which was passed by voters seven years ago. facebook has avoided paying
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a fine to settle a privacy lawsuit. the ftc says the social media network has agreed to get permission from users first if privacy settings are changed. facebook also agreed to be monitored by independent auditors for the next 20 years. there's word tonight hackers may be able to remotely control hewlett packered printers. they were able to insert malicious codes into the printers that triggered extreme overheating and causing the printer paper to catch fire. hp says it is now looking into the matter. at first looks she might think she's impossibly beautiful. new technology that shows just how much manipulation is going on in that beauty. the one place a new report
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says kaiser permanente has to improve. fog does return and that could have big impacts on the morning commute. we'll talk about the wind advisory as well.
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federal health officials said today only about 25% of americans with the aids virus are controlling their infections with medication. that's partially because 20% of americans with the infection don't even know they have it. the centers for disease control says of the almost 1.2 million people with hiv only about 40% are getting hiv fighting medications on a regular basis. a new survey from the union of health care workers find fault with kaiser's health services. they gathered in sacramento to
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defend the report. they accuse concealing appointment delays and funneling patients to group therapy instead of individual therapy. >> in the years i've been there i've seen it go down because staffing has not increased the way the membership has increased. >> reporter: the union says it's results are based on a survey of over 300 kaiser mental health professionals at 57 kaiser facilities. kaiser permanente denies the charges. issuing a statement saying the results of the questionnaire are completely inconsistent with our patient and provider survey and clinical data. there's a new call tonight for truth in advertising when it comes to those picture perfect images we're surrounded by on a day-to-day basis. john fowler here now with some remarkable new technology that
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can sort real from fake. john. >> movie stars such as kim katrell love digital enhancement and george clooney can seem years younger. call it photo shopping. now there's a move to restrict what some say can be a dangerous practice. at san francisco union square, victoria secrets is famous for thoáez stunning shots. but look at this before picture and the after. do you notice anything? >> how about fergie before and after? researchers announced a new computer program that spots the enhancements. calling out those digital body shapers. >> i wish i could do that in real life. >> reporter: so what's the harm? psychiatrists say these images
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create unrealistic expectations and encourage dangerous behavior. >> women think that oh if i just lose a little bit more weight i can get there but in fact, that doesn't exist in buy logical reality. people can die. they get heart attack, they ruin their digestive systems. and this month's glamour show thin hips. >> it makes me feel that i'm so fat and i'm only 95 pounds. >> reporter: your peep lawmakers are campaigning for truth in advertising to make picture perfect actually mean something. reporting live health and science, john fowler ktvu news. a jury in oakland convicted a 22-year-old man of murder in
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connection with the shooting death of a high school senior just days before graduation. 23-year-old michael hersman faces life in prison. his sentencing is set for december 28. 17-year-old vivian franklin jr. died january 2r5 just before graduation day. prosecutors say a disagreement between the two led to the shooting. it's been three years to the day now since a man was gunned down at san francisco's golden gate park. and his mother still isn't giving up her search for the killer. christine evans had this banner flown over the park last sunday asking who killed her son brandon. the 20-year-old was shot and killed near the park's horseshoe pit in 2008. san francisco police are offering a $100,000 reward for information. a los angeles judge today chose jail time over probation for the doctor convicted for
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the death of michael jackson. murray could only serve half his sentence because of jail overcrowding. pg & e is getting ready for possible power outages due to wind. they're also inspecting the line to make sure they are safe. can recollect tvu -- ktvu's chief meteorologist bill martin is here to tell us more about the weather. >> right now the wind are coming out of the northwest which is that direction the arrow is pointing just like this. but as we go through the day tomorrow, these wind are going to start clocking like this. it would be a warning if it was a month ago. but in fact, we're just looking at a wind advisory and wind warning. they're strongest some where between late tomorrow afternoon and thursday morning. so this is still a little ways away. but it's going to happen.
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this one is an easy one to forecast the way it's set up. in the meantime what my concern is as it was yesterday morning and the morning before that. will be the very dense patches of valley fog. it was a mess out there in the commute. sal castaneda was out there talking about it. not much as yesterday morning but this morning. it'll be patchy, the winds will help mix it up but there'll be places the wind doesn't help. so be prepared for the morning fog. the long range forecast, there's no rain in the forecast. so fog will return after this wind event. so back into the weekend valley fog will be the story. it'll be there out toward clayton tonight. it'll be in the napa valley tonight. what i'm tracking, the reason we know this will happen. high pressure lives out in the pacific. it's being brought down, it's going to set up shop in the great basin. when it does, the high building in. there's a low here and a high here. that's really close told.
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when they're close together you get pressure difference. heaviest wind location will be in the east bay hills. heavy areas wind advisory in san francisco, san jose down in the sea level areas will have strong wind as well. the forecast highs, notice how strong they are, offshore winds, the air sinks as it sinks it warms. the fog should be gone by lunchtime tomorrow: in places it wasn't gone like in san jose. temperatures will warm up into the upper 60s. not concerned about fire danger. although you have to think about it when you get strong winds. just know that the heaviest wind are going to be tomorrow evening, tomorrow night i think the wind is going to be the big story for us. wednesday night into thursday morning. tomorrow it will just be ramping up. >> all right, so it's fast. thank you bill. coming up on bay area news at 7:00, we'll give you another live look at what's happening at tonight's general assembly at the site of san francisco's
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occupy movement. protesters are poised to vote on moving locations. also the university of california comes under legal fire, for what students say was excessive use of force during a protest. join us as we explain the budding legal battle at 7:00 on channel 36. the golden state warriors unveil a new resource for children. the dow gained 33 points, the nasdaq was off about 12 points.
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mark joins us now with some basketball to talk about. >> won't be long, christmas day. we're going to have nba basketball to talk about. yeah they've been absent from the play offs for many years but they are also present out in the community. and this is no exception. today they helped open a new reading and learning facility in oakland called the alameda county family justice center. al ados was on hand including the president rick wells. even with the lock out the warriors have been very active in this offseason. and the president feels the
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team is ready to make some noise. >> i've heard from ownership that it's as strong as any support, any where. they've been very efficient on establishing a staff that they feel can lead the franchise to the place they want to be. which is really to be recognized. not only in the nba but in sports. it's been quiet, that's the way it seems offseason for the giants but making a little noise today. bryant sabian has his contract extended as the team's general manager through the year 2016. he's the longest running general manager right now in giant's history and longest tenure in the nl east. he's the only manager to lead the giants victorious as well.
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and bobby valentine who has big city experience having managed the mets. jack del rio fired today in the nfl by the jacksonville jags, that's the sporting life at this hour. julie, frank. >>mark, thank you. >> stay with us on and mobile ktvu right now we're monitoring that meeting of occupy protesters in san francisco about possibly moving their camp. and we'll update you as soon as we know more online and have complete coverage tonight on the 10:00 news. alright, so we have $10.
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